PC Services Customer Testimonials
I met Rick through the West St Louis County Chamber of Commerce a couple of years ago.  I had a small home business network with three pc’s and none of them were running very well.  Rick came over to the house and took away my cpu’s one afternoon, cleaned up the drives, de-bugged them , updated all the software and returned  the next day.   They all ran great.  He was on time for the appointment and  reasonable too!
Jim B.
Balwin, MO
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I am less than a novice on the computer.  Rick Phelps does not talk down to me and explains what he has done to "fix" that which I have broken on my computer.  He is prompt, incredibly talented and a good teacher to those of the "what the hell is this" generation.  He is professional , courteous and ...get this..."user friendly" and I am glad I found him and I would recommend him to anyone.  
Jon H.
Kirkwood, MO
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We employed PC Services at my office when having a problem with our new computer in regards to getting the internet.  I found Mr. Phelps to be knowledgeable in this area and would definitely call upon him in the future for any further issues we may have.
Kent Milford
Owner - Kent R. Milford, CPA
Sappington, MO
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This is my first encounter with PC Services and I am very impressed with Rick's prompt, professional service.  He diagnosed my problem rapidly and returned my Desktop Computer to back to a workable machine.  I will be passing PC Services information to my friends and neighbors and will be using his expertise in the future.
Ingrid A.
Valley Park, MO
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In March 2009,  My computer had a terrible virus.  I had contacted MSN free help services, and we had conversation over 2 weeks adding up to somewhere near 10 to 14 hours.  They then had me call AT&T, my internet service to try and help me.  After 2 hours of their help over a few days, they told me I need their Connectech service, took my credit card numbers and charged me $99.00 (which I have finally gotten back in my Credit card dispute).  The connectech helped me for 20 minutes and told me to go out and buy all sorts of network cards etc. but gave me all the same advice the free services did.  I was so frustrated, I was about to throw my computer away, or take it to the Geek Squad, any one. 

As I went outside in tears, I saw a flyer on my door for Rick Phelps and PC Services.  I thought "this must be sign from somewhere" and remembered Rick from meeting him at my office some time before.  As I looked around, I saw him walking up the street, and chased him down like a crazed maniac.  I couldn't do my banking, or my bills, you name it for weeks now.  He came in to my home, and diagnosed most of the problem, and took my computer for about a day or two and brought it back good as new. 

I had questions and made several calls to Rick thereafter regarding my new Modem, etc. and he was always helpful, with no additional charges.  He was professional, and I feel trustworthy coming in to my home and with all of the delicate information my computer holds.
Eileen S.
Manchester, MO
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When my lap top computer started acting up, I called Rick Phelps with PC Services. He was very professional and came out in a timely manner. He was courteous and very attentive to the problem. I am not knowledgeable when it comes to computers, so he explained the problems in a way I could understand and didn't talk over my head. I appreciated that. When he realized it was a time consuming issue, he took the computer with him and worked on his own time. He took care of the problem and soon I had my computer back working like new!
Cheryl J.
Wildwood, MO
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Our computer had major problems. I needed someones expertise so I called PC Services.  The tech diagnosed the problem, told us how much it would cost and got it running like new again with no surprises. Rick  had it fixed within two days!  I' m recommending PC Services to all my family and friends.  My husband is very thankful for getting it fixed so fast!!
Marilyn M.
Union, MO
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Rick, it was amazing to see the difference in the performance of our computers once you got involved. The speed reminds me of when we first got them.  Our file management makes total sense and is easy to use now that you have structured them in a way that makes our system efficient to use and maintain.  I will recommend you to anyone that I know that is having problems with their computers.  Thank you for your help.
Richard Inman
Owner - Inman and Associates, Inc.
Manchester, MO
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